Juniors Volunteers

Opportunities Available (Juniors)

League Administration / Operations

These tasks are season long and, in some cases, involve year-round duties.

  • League President / Coordinator
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Volunteer & Registration Coordinator
  • Head Coach
  • Social Media Publisher

On-ice Assistance and/or Coaching

We can always use parents/grandparents/adults who can assist our certified coaches on the ice each week. No experience required. However, if you do have curling and/or coaching experience, that would be an asset. This is a great way for parents who are new to the game to learn more about it. Who knows you might want to give it try yourself.

Season Long Positions

These jobs usually last the whole season and can often be shared by multiple people.

  • Saturday Coordinator – Responsible for overseeing the off-ice tasks for the Saturday program. Tasks include ensuring the equipment is available for the players, registration of new curler tryouts, registration forms, student volunteer logs, information conduit to league coordinator, coordinating hot chocolate and ensuring the space is cleaned up and everything is put away at the end.
  • Tuesday/Thursday Equipment Manager – Obtain the gripper, training devices and loaner shoes bins are brought out and ready in advance of players going on the ice. Putting the sliders and stabilizers on the shelves behind the sheets for player use. At the end of each session, ensure that everything has been collected and returned to the proper locations.
  • Bottle Returns – Recommend 4 people one of whom is the coordinator. Once a week the empty bottles and cans from the bar need to taken to the Return-it depot for deposit. They do not need to be sorted. They just need to be bagged in the provide bags and then print off tags at the depot and attach the tags to the bags.
  • League Scorekeeper – Collect the player scorecards after each game on Thursdays and keep track of the scores. You do not have to present to collect the scorecards if you have a reliable child that can collect them and bring them home.

Single Task / Events / Activities

  • Broom Cleaning – The rental brooms need to be cleaned on a regular basis. In return for the cleaning the brooms, the juniors get to keep the rental fees. We do 4 cleanings a season. Prior to the start of the season and again over the Christmas break, the brushes are removed from the club and given a thorough cleaning with soap and rinsed well. At the end of October and again in mid February, the brooms need to dry scrubbed with brushes at the club.
  • Christmas Party – Co-ordination for all the food/snacks/deserts/decorations/plates/utensils etc. for the Christmas party.
  • Christmas Bring a Friend Registration – Handle the registration and paper work for the guest who are coming out to try curling. Make sure all registration forms, waivers and parent forms are completed and handed in.
  • Windup Party – As per Christmas Party
  • Windup Bring a Friend Registration – As per Christmas event.


We usually do some fundraising activities to help pay for our parties. The two primary activities are:

  • Chocolates at Christmas Time – Need to someone to arrange the order process and forms and work with the club manager to pass the information on to the club membership and then to coordinate the distribution of the chocolates close to Christmas time.
  • Clothing – Work with suppliers and the club manager to promote Port Moody Curling branded clothing to the club membership.

Bill Mills Memorial Junior Bonspiel

This is an annual bonspiel that our club hosts every year for players from all over Greater Vancouver. We host 24 teams over 2 days and 10 draws. This is a big event for the local junior curling community and requires a lot of assistance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Bonspiel Coordinator – Oversee all the events and activities including promotion to other clubs & schools, registration, food, scores, prizes. This job requires a significant amount of work, but also includes a lot of delegation of tasks to others.
  • Draw Master / Score cards – Keep the draw updated with results, collect score cards after each draw and ensure score cards are placed out for each draw.
  • Registration Packages – Prior to the event, put together team information packages which include event rules, schedule, payment receipt and meal / drink tickets.
  • Event Registration  – On Saturday morning, register all teams including collection of entry fees, handing out team information packages.
  • Saturday Meal – Ensure eating and serving areas are setup and ready and serve the meal. Cleanup between seating’s and at the end.
  • Sunday Snacks – Arrange and distribute snacks to players on Sunday
  • 50/50 Tickets – Selling 50/50 tickets during the weekend. Ensure gaming paperwork is completed.
  • On-Ice Officials / Timekeepers – Responsible for all on ice activities, including supervising play, assisting with measuring, timing and monitoring of timeouts where applicable

Optimist Junior Interclub League

Each team playing in the Optimist Junior Interclub League is required to provide a team coach and a team coordinator. In the case of Divisions 2&3, the coach will be required to be on the ice during the game to assist with ensuring the game runs smoothly. The coaches are also there to provide assistance based on the leagues coaching guidelines. The coordinators attend each game day meeting and pass on the information to the rest of the team and coordinates the team’s assign league task.


We need  parents to take photos at events their children participate in so that they can be forwarded to the social media publisher to post on our webpage and/or social media platforms.

Badge Preparation

We need someone to coordinate and administer the written portion of the Curl BC Skills Badge testing. Usually takes place over 3-4 sessions towards the end of the season.

Position Status / Vacancies

Assigned to
League Admin / Operations
President / Coordinator
Vice President
Volunteer & Registration Coordinator
Head Coach
Social Media
Season Long
Saturday Coordinator
Tue/Thur Equipment Put Out / Cleanup
Bottles Returns (Multiple people)
#1 Primary / Coordinator
#2 Coordinator
#3 Coordinator
#4 Coordinator
League Scorekeeper – Thursdays
Single Task / Event
Broom Cleaning
Pre-Season - Wash & Clean
End October - Dry Clean
Christmas Break - Wash & Clean
Mid February - Dry Clean
Optimist Walk
Christmas Party - Food
Christmas Party - Bring A Friend Registration
Windup Party - Food
Windup Party - Bring A Friend Registration
Curl BC Skills Badge Testing
Charlies Chocolates
Clothing – Jackets, Shirts, Hats, Broom Bags
Bill Mills Junior Bonspiel
Draw Master / Scorecards
Registration Package Preparation
50 / 50 Tickets - Saturday & Sunday (2+ people)
Day of Registration (2 people)
Saturday Meals (4+ people)
Snacks (2+ people)
Officials / Timekeepers / Timeouts (2+ people)
Optimist Interclub League
Div 2/3 Team #1 - Team Coach
Div 2/3 Team #1 - Team Coordinator
Div 2/3 Team #2 - Team Coach
Div 2/3 Team #2 - Team Coordinator
Div 2/3 Team #3 - Team Coach
Div 2/3 Team #3 - Team Coordinator

Volunteer Hours Tracker

Whenever you volunteer your time (except for Board meetings), log your hours in our tracker.
We want to better understand where our volunteers efforts are spent and recognize you for your efforts!
Thank you for volunteering.