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Friday Senior Mixed

Friday Senior Mixed

PMCC’s One & Only 50ish Fun League

All skill levels are welcome!
We are a Fun Social curling league which encourages fellowship and good sportsmanship

The Friday Afternoon Senior Mixed league is a recreational league open to all men and women. It has been running for many years and has two separate sessions. The first half of the year runs from September / October to Christmas then January to March for the second half.

The teams are drawn up by the Senior Mixed Draw Master and every attempt is made to mix up the teams so that no one curls with the same individuals for the entire year.

Our league will begin curling October 1, 2021 until March 4, 2022 (this may be adjusted)

Curlers are encouraged to spend some time socializing after the game as refreshments are available.

We play a round robin for each half and prize money is awarded for each session.  There is a wind up lunch on our last day of curling in December and on our last curling day in March to end the season.

President Robert Staines 604.464.2482 or email me
Secretary Maureen Newell
Treasurer Maureen Newell
Spares Coordinator Lora Finan 604.469.1269 



We’re always on the lookout for spares to join our spares list. For more details, please refer to our MEMBERS page.

Draw Schedule

Skip Third Second Lead
 Peter Hiebert Maureen N Glen K   Jan D
Sheriyln Leggett Don S Ken J Jennifer M-J
Jack Pryor Marlene W Diana G Rashid D
Howie Roos Valerie B Joanne G Patti M
Tony Stariha Joyce M Jean O'B  
Robert Staines Darlene F Kathy P  
Doug Wynes Pat T Heinz F  
Anne Uchiyama Mike H Lora F  


Sheet 2 3 4 5
06 Jan 17 Get to Know the Ice - No Points
Roos vs Wynes  Staines vs Pryor  Uchiyana vs Hiebert  Leggett vs Stariha 
13 Jan 17 Stains vs Hiebert   Roos vs Stariha  Leggett vs Wynes  Uchiyama vs Pryor
20 Jan 17  Leggett vs Uchiyama  Wynes vs Hiebert Stariha vs Pryor Roos vs Staines 
27 Jan 17 Hiebert vs Pryor   Leggett vs Roos Staines vs Uchiyama  Stariha vs Wynes
03 Feb 17 Uchiyama vs Roos  Pryor vs Wynes   Hiebert vs Stariha Staines vs Leggett 
10 Feb 17  Pryor vs Leggett Stariha vs Uchiyama   Wynes vs Staines Hiebert vs Roos 
17 Feb 17  Stariha Vs Staines  Heibert vs Leggett  Pryor vs Roos Wynes vs Uchiyama 
24 Feb 17  Roos vs Wynes Staines vs Pryor   Uchiyama vs Hiebert Leggett vs Stariha 
03 Mar 17
10:00 am
Fun Game starting at 10:00 am
 Staines vs Hiebert Roos vs Stariha   Leggett vs Wynes Uchiyama vs Pryor 


Past Winners
  Fall Winning Team   Winter Winning Team
2015 J Pryor, K Prothero, P Hiebert & G Shaw 2016 T Stariha, K Prothero, P Hiebert & E Klein
2014 H Roos, J Miko, L Finan & B Hackett 2015 H Roos, M Haddon, L Belton & P Merz
2013 H Roos, M Staples, P Hiebert & E Klein 2014 F Hurtubise, P Muir, D Hiebert & E Erickson
2012 P Muir, D Knight, A Selbie & B Siemens 2013 J Keenan, A Selbie, E Erickson & L Belton
2011 R Bell, B Nybo, V Ballard & L Finan 2012 A Uchiyama, P Hiebert, L Belton & E Erickson
2010 L Gibson, K Tamayose, L Belton & B Yanko 2011 D Klein, L Dowie, G Simmonds & K Hammond
2009 A Campbell, I Marshall, L Dowie & E Klein 2010 S Staples, J Harder, P Turner & M Hughes
2008 G Engelking, I Marshall, L Dowie & J Derrick 2009 H McLatchy, B Carins, P Turner & B Derrick
2007 No curling 2008 G Engelking, D Moyer, K DeLeeuw & E Erickson
2006 T Miyanaga, D Moyer, B Smith & T Drysdale 2007 No curling
2005 R O’Handley, L Leacock, R Pfefferkorn & E Klein 2006 B Warren, L Sloan, B Carins & S Moyer
2004 D Sigfusson, J Hillman, . deLeeuw & B McKay 2005 J Stuart, M Staples, B Rodgers & L Belton
2003 J Stuart, B Woodside, R O’Handley & L Dowie 2004 R Leacock, J Walter, L Sloan & I Marshall
2002 D Moyer, G Engelking, L Belton & R Bell 2003 A Relkoff, L Leacock, R Bell & J moore
2001 L Harder, J Stuart, R Sloan & P Griffis 2002 D Lemke, J Harder, G Bergen & D Moyer
2000 G McArther, T Tiyanaga, H McLatchy & E Weignard 2001 G Rix, T Miyanaga, H McLatchy & E Erickson
1999 D Sigfusson, B Roberts, D Klien & H Bradley 2000 B Warren, R Sloan, S Collins & E Klein
1998 G Bicknell, R Leacock, T Curtis & G Bergen 1999 G Bicknell, R Leacock, B Belton & L Sloan
1997 D Bicknell, B Holmes, L Leacock & R Pfefferkorn 1998 A Relkoff, J Harder, B Roberts & G Bergen
1996 D Bicknell, I Wilson, S Staples & C Travis 1997 D Bicknell, E Sprout, D Stewart & H Bradley
1995 D Bicknell, B Woodside, K Corson & D Sigfusson 1996 T Miyanaga, E Sprout, I Wilson, L Sloan & P Heilscher
1994 E Dempster, B Woodside, S Kinsey & F Baker 1995
A Relkoff, B Woodside, K Corson & P Papove
G Bicknell, C Bardley, L Harder & J Richter
1993 A Relkoff, B Holmes, M Staples & B Papove 1994 A Relkoff, G Bicknell, S Collins &  A Dalrymple
1992 G Clark, P Woodside, L Harder & S Collins 1993 S Kinsey, A Kelkoff, R Leacock & A Dalrymple
1991 D Bicknell, J Hillman, L Harder & V Dempster 1992 No Curling
S Kinsey, J Hillman, E Clark & B Papove
D Bicknell, J Favelle, E Sprout & R Thompson
1991 G Clark, E Dempster, I Wilson & M Staples
1989 S Kinsey, I Nelson, J Favelle & J Douglas 1990
B Sprout, I Nelson, P Dodds & R Leacock
B Dunbar, J Favelle, G Lagerstrom & M Staples
1988 J Stuart, R Curtis, K Casey & R Pfefferkorn 1989 J Harder, B Sprout, S Wheeler & B Papove
1987 B Dunbar, F Letourneau, J Stuart & R Pfefferkorn 1988 A Dalrymple, L Nelson, P Thurm & A O’Neill
1986 The Gordon McArthur Team 1987 G Saunby, I Nelson, P Thurm & F Letourneau
Alex Relkoff Appreciation Award
Year Recipient Year Recipient Year Recipient Year Recipient Year Recipient
2014 Lora Finan 2013 Peter Muir 2012 Ian Marshall 2011 Hope Smith 2010 Brian & Jan Derrick
2009 Dick Klein 2008 Steve Collins 2007 Kay DeLeeuw 2006 Beryl Woodside 2005 Tom Miyanaga
2004 Alex Relkoff 2003 Gordon McArthur 2002 Paul Woodside 2001 Tomie Curties 2000 Bob Dunbar

League Rules

League Rules
  1. A tie is a tie
  2. A team of regular players may arrange themselves however they wish for any particular game and must remain that way for that game
  3. A spare must play Lead or Second as determined by the team as a whole
  4. In the event of the Skip being absent the Third, or one of the other members of the team as agreed upon, will take his/her place
  5. In the event of a protracted absence by a Skip or Third no spare will play theses positions without the consent of the executive as a whole or a portion thereof as designated by the President
  6. No team may play with three spares; a default result
  7. A defaulted game results in a win for the nod-defaulting team, with 2 points for the win, 8 points for the ends and 8 points for the score
  8. A conceded game before 8 ends played gives to the non-conceding team 1 point for each end not played and 1 point scored for each of the conceded ends
Some Thoughts for Us All

Curling is a friendly team game played by rules and governed by etiquette.

Rules are what you play by and etiquette is how you play.

The code of etiquette primarily exists to prevent unfair distractions  to players and controversies over results.  The following are not intended to be all-inclusive on the subject but form a good start and a fine ground for lengthy and entertaining discussions (off the ice please).

  1. The only persons allowed behind the counting-house, when the opponent is shooting, are the Skip and/or the Third
  2. The Lead and Second must remain between the hog lines when the opponents are delivering a rock
  3. A curler behind the counting-house must stand still, with broom off the ice, when the opposition is preparing to, and is, delivering a rock
  4. A person waiting his turn to deliver a rock, and standing behind an opponent preparing to deliver, must refrain from talking to others or distracting the shooter in any other way
  5. Only the Thirds confer, and decide, on the results of any end
  6. Only the Thirds are involved in any measurement – the Skips go down the ice, the Leads and Seconds stay well back and out of the house
  7. To avoid the possibility of debris falling to the ice in front of a moving rock a broom should not be shaken over its’ passage or tapped in front of it’s passage