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Monday Night Men’s

Monday Night Men's

The Monday Men’s league is a friendly league open to players of all skill levels.

The league is actively looking for more teams. If you wish to join, contact us.

Curling Season Dates: Dates may be adjusted 
  • September 11, 2023 
  • January 08, 2024

We’re always on the lookout for spares to join our spares list. For more details, please refer to our MEMBERS page.



League Rules

Round 1 Round 2 Playoffs Bonus
3 Week Round Robin Points for all games Win – 6 Points Tie – 3 Points Loss – 1 Point Default – 0 Points 5 Week Round Robin Points for all games Win – 6 Points Tie – 3 Points Loss – 1 Point Default – 0 Points
  • Teams are split into A, B and C divisions based on point standings
  • A – 4 top teams
  • B – 4 middle teams
  • C – Bottom 2 teams
  • Playoffs will be 2 weeks long
  • C division will be combined score of 2 weeks play
  • all ties decided by 1 extra end, still tied draw to button
  • Teams will be awarded 1 bonus point per volunteer for volunteering for junior curling.
  • Maximum bonus of 3 pts per team per round.
  • After Round 1 bonus points based on descending order starting at 10 points. (1st place 10 bonus points, 2nd place 9 points…)
  • Full time volunteers on one of the programs are not eligible for bonus pts for that program. (Kevin Perry – Juniors)
Ties When Splitting Teams Into Divisions
  • If two or more teams are tied for points on a division split boundary, then the tie is resolved based on points generated in games between the teams that are tied in the previous round.
  • If teams are still tied then the tie will be resolved by a draw to the button with sweepers.
  • If teams did not play each other in the previous round then the tie will be resolved by a draw to the button with sweepers.
Example: At the end of round 1, teams A, B and C are tied with 34 points for 6th position. Team A, and B each beat team C and they tied each other when they played. So teams A and B have 9 points in games against the other 2 teams and team C has 2 pts. Team C has the least points so it gets 8th spot and is put in the B division. Teams A and B with equal points draw to the button for the 6th position in the A division.
Grand Aggregate Winners
  • The grand aggregate winner is the team with the highest point total after round 2.
  • If teams are tied for Grand Aggregate points then prizes will be split equally.
  • Teams are re-split into A, B and C divisions and seeded based on grand aggregate point standings.
  • 2 weeks of playoffs.
  • First, second and third place prizes in each division will be determined by the playoffs.
Club Championship
  • 2 teams will be offered a birth in the Port Moody Club Championship.
  • Teams will be offered the spots in the championships in order of grand aggregate standings after round 2.
Travelers Club Championship
  • One team from our club may be entered in the Dominion BC Club Curling Championship.
  • Since there is no other league with all mens teams, a team from our league will be offered the spot in the Dominion.
  • If a team is not able to accept based on time commitment or eligibility rules the next eligible team on the list will be offered the spot.
  • Teams will be offered the spot in the following order.
    • Grand aggregate winner.
    • 1st place A division playoffs.
    • 2nd through 12th place in grand aggregate points standings.
  • Teams may have a coach if they want.
  • Coaches must be certified and identify themselves to the league as a team coach.
  • No coaching from behind the glass.
  • Teams with a coach may have a single “timeout” to talk with their coach during a game.
  • “Timeouts” should be extremely short. Less than 1 minute in duration, self enforced. Keep the pace of play moving.
  • Games are 8 ends long. No buzzer. Play fast to get the full 8 ends in.
  • In round robin play, if a game is tied after 8 ends then game ends in a tie. There are no extra ends or draw to the button in case of a tie.
  • In playoffs in case of a tie, play one extra end. If the game is still tied after an extra end, draw to the button with sweepers.
Forfeiting and Delayed Starting Times of Games
The league does have Ice times on the weekend teams can reschedule if both teams agree. We would like to avoid defaults if at all possible. If one team needs to forfeit they must contact the other team as early as possible to let them know. Also contact the head of the league. If a team unexpectedly does not have at least three players at game time the general rules of curling rules for delayed starts of games and forfeits apply. Game start time is 7:15PM unless otherwise agreed between the teams, league and city in advance.
Team Composition
Players in the “Port Moody Mens curling league”, must be Men who are members of the Port Moody curling club. Teams may register either 4 or 5 team members. You need at least 3 players including spares to play, at least 2 players must be registered members of the team. Spares must throw lead or second stones if you have 4 players. If you are playing with 3 players, a spare must throw lead stones. A spare may call the game (ie act as skip) so long as they throw lead or second stones as required. When playing with 3 players, lead and second must throw 3 stones each, and skip must throw two. The registered “fifth” player on a team is not a spare, they are a full member of the team. Any member of the team can play any position. Anyone with questions, concerns, or objections with any of these rules contact the league President.