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Newbie Lessons

Newbie Lessons



  • Session 1:       TBA
  • Session 2:       TBA
  • Session 3:       TBA

The Newbie Lessons are for new curlers – for those who have never curled before, or have curled occasionally.  The Newbie Lessons are organized into 5 week sessions aimed at teaching you the basics of curling, from technique, to lingo, to rules and etiquette, to getting you started on league curling after your 5 week session.  There will be one instructor per sheet each week to support and work closely with you to help you go from “Bambi on ice” to a confident Newbie ready to sign up for league play or your first bonspiel (curling tournament).  This is a great way to learn the sport, build your curling skills and confidence, and meet new people (and potential new teammates for league plan and/or bonspiel).  Participants will receive a pair of rubber grippers as part of your registration fees.  Looking forward to seeing you on the ice this season!  Hurry Hard, and Rock On!

If you’re looking to find your curling legs again after a long, or short, hiatus, or you’re looking for some coaching to improve your technique and your overall game, contact Melissa and we’ll see about coaching and/or a refresher to get you up to speed. 

See the schedule below for information on what you will be learning in your sessions week by week. 


Draw Schedule

Week 1

  • Safety
  • Warm up and cool down
  • Introduction to field of play, equipment, team set up, curling lingo
  • Introduction to Delivery (stick delivery, slide delivery (push out only, no rock pull back))

Week 2

  • Warm up and cool down
  • Review of Delivery
  • Introduce rock pullback to slide delivery
  • Introduction to Grip, Turns, Release
  • Introduction to Line of Delivery
  • Introduction to Sweeping/Brushing
  • One end game, time permitting

Week 3

  • Drill down on Brushing, Broom Grip(s), Stance, footwork, technique
  • Introduction to Skip’s signals, and how to skip
  • Introduction to reading the ice and watching the “line”
  • Introduction to weight control when throwing rocks: Guards, Draws, Hits
  • Introduction to 5 Rock Rule and Free Guard Zone (“FGZ”)
  • One to two end game, time permitting

Week 4

  • Basic Strategy - What’s the point?
  • Scoring
  • Basic rules of the Game
  • Etiquette on the ice
  • Team roles and communications
  • 2 end game, time permitting

Week 5

  • 4 end game
  • What’s next - league play, sparing, bonspiels