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Juniors (7 and older)

Our Fall session starts September 1o, 2024 and Little Rocks begins September 12, 2024.

League Information

League Representative/Program Coordinator Darren Kent
Program Treasurer Lisa Deines 


We are a mixed gender/age/experience program for youth aged 7 to 20 years old. Instruction is provided by a combination of certified coaches, parent helpers, past junior members as well as some of our older players who instruct on skill days and play on game days. The program aims to ensure that the participants have fun, stay active, play at the level they want, and ideally stay in the sport for many years to come.

We offer two programs for youth to participate in. The Junior League for ages 11-20 and our Little Rocks program for ages 7-10.

Junior League

This league runs on Tuesdays  and Thursdays from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm and provides instruction and coaching for curlers from the first-time curler up to the competitive athlete looking to compete at regional and provincial events. 

On Tuesday’s, we focus on skill development with the players being placed in smaller groups based on skill levels, or what the coaches feel an individual player needs to work on at that time.

On Thursdays, we make up teams based on who is available that week and the players get to play in games putting the skills they are learning into practice as well as learn about the actual game itself. Team make-up will vary from week to week. Some weeks we will group players of equal ability together for a game so they get to experience multiple positions. Other weeks we will place the less experienced players with more experienced players so they can learn more about the game from the experienced players.

Little Rocks

This program is aimed at introducing curlers our youngest curlers to the game. We use smaller rocks and a shorter ice sheet to better match the size and abilities of the curlers.

Changes for the 2022-2023 season:

  • This league now runs on Thursdays from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm.
  • There will be a fall session and a winter session 
  • The change will provide a more consistent schedule without long breaks.
  • We will continue to use the U12 Blizzard program developed by Passion Curling

Useful Educational Videos

Please see the links below for a youth learning to curl video and important safety information.   

The Curling Canada YouTube channel – this is a youth oriented learn to curl sequence of videos including safety:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXEorOy-z9k&list=PL-P2ipXMdq3Si3BZZfhLpYahJK4xq6S0Y

Information about Head Protection for Youth and Seniors: https://www.goldlinecurling.com/apparel/protective


The league uses TeamSnap as a roster, scheduling, availability tracking and notification system. It also has the ability for league administrator, coaches, players and parents to communicate with each other. All contact information such as email address, phone numbers address, and age can be marked private so it is only visible to league managers. IOS and Android apps are also available as well as a full website to access the program and features. At any time users are able to change, update or delete any information for their account.

More information about TeamSnap can be found at their website http://www.teamsnap.com including their privacy policy which can be found at https://www.teamsnap.com/privacy-policy. As TeamSnap is based in the United States of America, all data will be located outside the Country of Canada.

Financial Assistance

While curling continues to be one of the least expensive organized sports, we do recognize that some families may experience financial hardship. If financial hardship is keeping you from registering your child, please consider these financial assistance options or contact the Club Registrar:

  • KIDSPORT: The KidSport Fund is administered by Sport BC and its mission is to overcome the financial obstacles that prevent some young people from playing sport “So All Kids Can Play”. For more information on the KidSport Fund and instructions on how to apply, CLICK HERE.
  • JUMPSTART: Canadian Tire offers assistance through their JumpStart program – to “ensure kids in need have equal access to sports and physical activity”. For more information on the JumpStart program and instructions on how to apply, CLICK HERE

Please advise the Club Manager ()  if you are applying for financial assistance.

Beginners Welcome

Beginners are always welcome to join. We accept entries at anytime until mid-January.

  • Traditional Canadian ice sport
  • Meet new friends
  • Olympic event
  • In curling, 100% of the time, for every play, each player is involved
  • Everyone plays from start to finish
  • Develop team building skills
  • Moderate activity level
  • Strategy skill building
  • Indoor winter sport
  • Can be recreational or competitive

Not sure if you like curling so you are hesitant to sign up? Then contact the Junior coordinator and we can arrange for some trial sessions before you commit to signing up. 

Additional Playing Opportunities

The club hosts the Bill Mills Memorial Junior Bonspiel each February with teams from across the lower mainland participating. In addition to our own bonspiel, the club also participates in 2-3 other bonspiels put on by other clubs in the lower mainland. There is an additional cost to these activities.

For juniors who wish to expand their playing experience, the league offers opportunities for all levels of ability to participate in the Optimist Junior Interclub Curling League. Games are on Sundays, mainly in Cloverdale.

For additional information on the Optimist Junior Interclub Junior League please see their website. http://optimistjuniorcurling.ca/ If you are interested in playing on a team please let the coordinator know at the beginning of October.

Each Optimist team also requires a parent to act as an assistant coach and another parent to act as team coordinator.  There will be a special meeting for parents whose children are playing in Optimist end September.

The PMCC Juniors Program is 100% Volunteer Run

The Juniors Program is part of the Port Moody Curling Club and is 100% volunteer run. We ask that parents commit to at least 6 hours of volunteer time per child to assist with the running of the program. There are lots of jobs available to assist us in the running of the Junior club. Jobs that we need help with include: on-ice assistance, on-ice coaching, help with hot chocolate, help with Christmas party and year-end party, fundraising, jacket orders, bonspiel sign-up and co-ordination, webmaster, communications, recruitment and welcoming of adult volunteers, photography, badge preparation and executive positions. Click here to learn more about Juniors Volunteers.


More Information

The Juniors Program is an excellent opportunity for all youngsters 7 to 20 years to experience the thrill of learning a great game with a fabled history and a bright future. The game of curling offers a chance for kids to meet new friends, have fun, and learn about etiquette and teamwork.

Curl BC, Curling Canada and Port Moody Curling Club mandates CSA approved helmets (preferably designed for curling or ice sports) be worn for all curler under the age of 12.

It is recommended that the youth dress warmly in flexible clothing and in layers. No shorts. Gloves and a hat are optional.

Players MUST have a dedicated pair of clean sneakers to be worn only on the ice. Curl BC and Curl Canada recommend hockey or figure skating helmets for all curlers under 12. 

Click here for Curl BC’s recommendation on helmet use.

Players may also want to purchase their own sliders, grippers and brooms, but this is not mandatory as there is equipment available at the rink to borrow. Due to the amount of use of the provided grippers, we strongly recommend that participants obtain their own grippers. 

Please be prompt in picking up your child!

Supervision & instruction is provided by members of the Port Moody Curling Club who are volunteering their time. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to learn more about available volunteer positions.

Coaching Opportunities

The junior program is looking for more coaches for the upcoming season. No prior coaching experience is required, just a passion for the sport you love and the desire to support the curling community and introduce our next generation of curlers to the sport. We will get you trained and provide you with the information you need.

Fundraising Opportunities

How can you help the Junior curlers continue to play this wonderful game?

Collect all of your beverage containers, bag them up and drop them at any Return – It Express location. Using any Express Depot you just punch in the account number for the Juniors ( 146-287-5464, 1 GO CURLING), it produces a label which you put on the bag and then hand it to the attendant. They do the rest! Everyone wins with this initiative, you get rid of your recycling and the money goes to a great program that supports the game you love.

Please help out the young up and coming curlers who will support this club in the years ahead!