- Must be at least 50 years of age to participate
- Our Season consists of a Fall session and a Spring session.  New teams are picked at random for each session
- Dues collected covers Ice Time, Port Moody Membership  Fees, PCMCA Fees & lunches at end of both sessions
- Dues must be paid on the first curling day, or sooner, to ensure liability and accident insurance coverage.
- Full season dues, Thursday only - $160+GST  (Updated for 2018/19 season)
- Full season Port Moody dues including Curl BC and Curl Canada dues $48.50 (includes gst)
- Players do not have the option of only paying for half a season.  A rebate will need to be worked out with the treasurer should you wish to play only half a season.
- The Fall session starts on September 20th and ends shortly before Christmas at the Turkey shoot on Sept 13
- We have 8:00 am and 10:30 am ice times, teams will alternate between these starting times
- You can play as a spare only, and a spare can fall into the following three categories:
- "Regular Spare" - Pays $48.50 Port Moody Membership dues including Curl BC and Curl Canada dues.
- "Fulltime Spare" -- Pays regular yearly dues - plays every week but not for the same team
- "Registered Spare"-- Pays $50 for the season in addition to the Port Moody membership dues, if not already a member.
                   Notes: A Regular spare cannot participate in PCMCA bonspiels
                                A Registered spare can participate in PCMCA bonspiels but not in the Provincial Playdowns
Rules for a Spare
1. If only one player is missing a spare shall throw Lead or Second rocks regardless of the position of the player temporarily absent. Other players will, if applicable, move up to fill the vacancy. The regular Lead may elect to stay in that position if he wishes to do so.
2. If two team members are away the spares may play Lead, Second or Third. The positions will be determined by
the two regular team members.
3. In the event of a Skip or Third being away for three consecutive weeks or more the Drawmaster, after consulting
with the Spares Coordinator, may appoint a spare to play the vacant position until the regular player returns.
4. In the case where a team consists of only three regular players, one of the temporary spares will be considered
as a regular player for default purposes.
5. In the event that a team is drawn as a three man team. If a regular player, in the alternate playing time Group, is willing to fill in for the vacant position, on a permanent basis, this alternate regular player will only be allowed to play lead or 2nd; but if a skip or 3rd is away, the alternate player will be allowed to play up to the highest position of the player away.(Thurs League only)
7. Once a game has commenced no change in the rotation will be permitted. If a regular player is late for a game and
no spare has been assigned, the late player may join the lineup subject to the approval of the Opposition Skip
8. Any deviation from these rules will result in the forfeiture of the game.