Thursday Night Mixers

7:15 pm to 9:15 pm
Dale Summers
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Welcome to Thursday Night Mixers

The Thursday Night Mixers are a friendly group who welcome new curlers, whether they are single, a couple or a team and our emphasis is on having a good time.

Past Winners

SeasonWinning TeamDivision Playoffs
2016-2017 Team Kinnear

A-Team Morris

B-Team Thorpe

C-Team Scott

2015-2016 Team Dobson

A-Team Morris

B-Team Bailey

C-Team Zoehner

2014-2015 Team Morris A-Team Morris
B-Team Dobson
C-Team Crabb


Team Milaney A-Team Kinnear
B-Team Murray
C-Team Carr-Hilton
2012-2013 Team Milaney A-Team Arnold (formerly Tilford)
B-Team Thorpe
C-Team Magnusson
2011-2012 Jerry Croteau, Donna Croteau, Dieter Krueger & Laureen Dailey A-Jerry Croteau, Donna Croteau,
   Dieter Krueger & Laureen Dailey
B-Dave Gilbert, Sheila Cunningham,
   Jim Kinnear, Mary Dyk & Kim Beaudry
C-Paul Zoehner, Sharen Edgar,
   Nancy Zoehner, Mark Filmer & Bev Filmer 
2010-2011 Team Pogue  
2008-2009 Team Jerry Croteau A-Team Jerry Croteau
B-Teams Bob Wallace & Keith Morton
2006-2007 Team Ross Bailey A-Team Karl Johannesson
B-Team Jim Kinnear
C-Bob Wallace
2005-2006 Team Jerry Croteau  
2004-2005 Team Karl Johannesson