Thursday Night Mixers

Thursday 7:15 pm
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Welcome to Thursday Night Mixers

The Thursday Night Mixers are a friendly group who welcome new teams and our emphasis is on having a good time.  Open league.

League Rules

  • Teams should have 4 players (minimum)
  • Teams must have at least 3 players to play, and at least 2 should be original team players. Spares must play either Lead or Second. Spares must be PMCC Members.
  • By popular league vote, we will be playing the "5 Rock Rule"
  • If a team is not prepared to start the game within 15 minutes of the league start time, the game is forfeited. 
  • If a game cannot be played on the designated evening, teams are encouraged to (in advance) discuss if  they can reschedule the missed game for the make-up / practice time on Saturdays between 1:00 and 4:00 pm.  Alternatively, the cancelling team may forfeit the game.
  • Games start at 7:15PM SHARP, if you wish to "run the rocks" do this in advance of playing time.
  • We use a clock timer / buzzer system. The clock timer sounds after 100 minutes of play, teams are to finish the end in play, and then play one more end as the final end of the game.
  • League games may end in a tie, playoffs of course will not. 
  • Remember to have fun!

Past Winners

SeasonWinning TeamDivision Playoffs


Team Jamison

A-Team Jamison

B-Team Burak


Team Jamison

A-Team Jamison

B-Team Thorpe

C-Team Thomas

2016-2017 Team Kinnear

A-Team Morris

B-Team Thorpe

C-Team Scott

2015-2016 Team Dobson

A-Team Morris

B-Team Bailey

C-Team Zoehner

2014 -2015

Team Morris A-Team Morris
B-Team Dobson
C-Team Crabb
2013-2014 Team Milaney

A-Team Kinnear
B-Team Murray
C-Team Carr-Hilton

2012-2013 Team Milaney A-Team Arnold (formerly Tilford)
B-Team Thorpe
C-Team Magnusson
2011-2012 Jerry Croteau, Donna Croteau, Dieter Krueger & Laureen Dailey  A-Jerry Croteau, Donna Croteau,
   Dieter Krueger & Laureen Dailey
B-Dave Gilbert, Sheila Cunningham,
   Jim Kinnear, Mary Dyk & Kim Beaudry
C-Paul Zoehner, Sharen Edgar,
   Nancy Zoehner, Mark Filmer & Bev Filmer