Senior Men's - Tuesday Mornings

9:30 am to 11:30 am
Fall Session begins on October 5, 2021
Spring Session begins on January 4, 2022


Welcome to Senior Men's 55+

PMCC's Golden Boys League

Our League is always looking for curlers and we always have room for spares.

Please Contact:
President: Bob Wallace  phone: 604-816-9706  email: ~8^oz!s%4.X9y'jQA-Sv]#[q}VQglUetIA&npL7*63X 
Spare Co-Ordinator: Daryl Campbell phone: 604-371-1410 or 604-837-1410 or email: ~8^oz!s%4.X9y'jQ]#[r'T`t8+=O|Auq1N/
We will be curling with the "five-rock free guard zone"

Key Items of Curling Etiquette 

  • Stand still and to the sides of the sheet when the other team is delivering a stone.
  • Wear clean, appropriate footwear and clothing that will not shed or damage the ice.
  • Keep your gear (grippers, gloves, delivery devices, brooms, etc.) well clear of the standing area behind the hacks. Place small items, to the side, behind your own team’s stones.
  • Be ready to go, with your rock cleaned, when it’s your turn to deliver.
  • Eight ends should be easily completed in two hours.


The Senior Men’s league takes individual sign-ups. The Executive then assigns players to each team. In January, the teams are changed and curlers are reassigned to a new team.

The Fall Session usually begins in early October and ends in mid-December. There is a Christmas Wind-up Luncheon immediately following the final games.

The Spring Session begins in early January and ends in mid-March. There is a Wind-up Luncheon along with the Annual General Meeting immediately following the final games.

All Curlers are encouraged to socialize after the game. Join us upstairs for refreshments.

We play a round robin each half and a highly cherished Winner's Badge is awarded to each member of the top team. There are two plaques (one for each session) engraved with the names from the first place teams on display in the lounge trophy cabinet.

League fees include the Christmas Luncheon on our last day of curling in December and a League Closing Luncheon in March.

The Senior Mens - Tuesday Mornings league always participates in the Port Moody Curling Club Championship in March.

Latest Winners:
Fall 2020


Spring  2021 Cancelled 

Past Winners

Fall Winning TeamSpring Winning Team

Angstadt, Allegretto, Haddon, & Campbell

2020  Ren, Okerstrom, Cabatoff, & Roscoe
2018  Parsons, Allegretto, Howden & Tamayose 2019  Ren, Chung, LaMarre & Marko
2017  Parsons, Derrick, Haddon & Fouchard 2018  Ren, Bolzan, Kroeker & Campbell
2016  Applegath, Tsan, Sturrock & Saunders 2017  Blake, Carr-Hilton, Richard & Dilwar
2015  Franchuk, Derrick, Mitchell & Whitlock 2016  Ren, Carr-Hilton, Hughes & Restiaux