Senior Men's

9:30 am to 11:30 am
Stu Ren
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Fall Session

4 October 2016 to 6 December 2016

Winter Session

starts 10 January 2017

Welcome to Senior Men's 55+

PMCC's Golden Boys League

A beginner or have curled before we have a spot for you!

We are a Recreational League which encourages fellowship and good sportsmanship
We are looking for new members!

The Senior Men’s league takes individual sign-ups and the executive assigns these players to teams, changing them each half so that players will have new teammates.

The Fall session usually begins September/October and ends in mid-December, with a Christmas Wind-up Luncheon immediately after the last game.

The Spring session begins in early January and ends in mid-March with a Wind-up Luncheon and Annual General Meeting immediately after the last game.

Curlers are encouraged to spend some time socializing after the game as refreshments are available

We play a round robin for each half and a highly cherish prize is awarded for each session. There is also a trophy presented to the first place team in each session.

League fees include a Christmas Lunch Special on our last day of curling in December and a League Closing Banquet in March.

The Senior Men's league also participates in an Club Championship in March.

Oscar Award goes to...
2013-2014 Bob Carey
2012-2013 Ron Bell

Past Winners

Fall Winning TeamSpring Winning Team
2013 A Campbell, H Ricard, D Burrus & B LaBelle 2014 T Stariha, B Nybo, P Hiebert & R Murphy
2012 P Muir, J La Marre, T Baxter & R Mitchell 2013 J Keenan, I Marshall, J Chubaty & D Sturrock
2011 P Muir, B Carins, S Ren & K Roscoe 2012 D Plummer, S Ren, G Stelle & G Howden
2010 T Stariha, B Nybo, B Derrick & J Dick 2011 A Relkoff, S Ren, B Beck & N Pombert
2009 T Stariha, S Ren, H Ricard & K Roscoe 2010 A Campbell, B Birnie, B Carins & K Roscoe
2008 B Carey, D Klein, P Griffis & T Baxter 2009 J Ilavsky, T Miyanage, T Drydale & B Derrick
2007 No Curling 2008 No Curling
2006 G Balzer, D Klien, J Lamar & T Baxter 2007 B Warren, S Collins, D Neis & E Erickson
2005 B Carey, M Kirk, J Lamar & W Selig 2006  
2004 A Relkoff, W Kirk, E Weingand & B Rogers 2005  
2003 G McArther, J Ilavsky, H Ricard & R Tsuchiya 2004