Friday Rocks

7:15 pm to 9:15 pm
Melissa Sim
Sheryl Fitzgerald
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Welcome to Friday Rocks!

Our league plays a single draw on Friday nights starting at 7:15 pm. The focus is on fun and friendly competition among players with a wide range of curling abilities. While we play the traditional 4 person game most Friday nights, we do like to mix it up with team scrambles, league scrambles, mixed doubles, rotating positions, and other modified rules.  This year, we may even give the new triples format a go.

Friday Rocks curlers typically join as a team, but if you don't have a team, and you want to play with us, give the coordinators a shout by phone or on email.  We will find you a team, or die trying!

Our post game custom is to go upstairs to the lounge where teams are encouraged to socialize with one another.  The bar will be open around 8:30pm and will serve both alcoholic and non-alcholic drinks.  Please plan to come up to have a drink or two and meet, and get to know, your fellow curlers.

Curling commences on September 22, 2017 and ends December 22, 2017 for the first half of the 2017-2018 season.  After the holiday break, we start play again on January 12, 2018 with our last league game on March 16, 2018.  Please note that there will be no curling on November 17, 2018 (Inlet 'Spiel) or on March 3, 2018 (inaugural Newbie 'Spiel).

We will have a potluck Christmas party on December 15, 2017 and our end of season game and windup party is currently scheduled for March 17, 2018.  We may also celebrate other events, such as Halloween, Tacky Christmas, Pajama Night, and Valentine's Doubles.  Keep your ears open for more info!

Please show up on time for your games.  If you are going to miss your game for any reason, you must contact the other team.  You are also responsible for finding your own spares, if needed.  There is practice/game makeup time on Saturdays from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm at the curling club with priority on the sheets given to teams wishing to make-up games.

More updates including Schedules will be posted after the Open House as it will depend on the number of teams this year.

Hurry Hard and Good Curling, everybody!