Port Moody Curling Club is now playing Open Doubles!!

Fast Paced and Exciting, games Port are six ends long and last approximately 90 minutes. Any 2 people can play together; Mixed, 2 Women or 2 Men so bring your BFF!!!

Or come down by yourself and we will pair you with someone else who wants to throw some rocks at our house.

We'll be playing Sundays at 4 pm  The draw will be 1.5 hours. Our curling dates will be Oct 4th, Oct 18th, Nov 1st, Nov 15th and Dec 6th 2020. 2021 dates will be Jan 10th, Feb 7th, Feb 21st and March 7th.

Register online here or contact Sheryl Fitzgerald at A_Wmj2tfQV&~Xc^zSkT}DI6$ul5e8y'1]#[-P9\sqd\0CiroTNmHYDm!CtvhYyTz'fm