Newbie and Learners Leagues

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Melissa Sim

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Learners League 

8 week league for someone who's never curled before or has curled very occasionally.  The league will have instructors to support and work closely with new curlers to help you learn the different parts of the Roarin' Game.  Each 2 hour session in the league is broken up into instruction time and game time.  Initially, Learners will spend more time in instruction, but each session will end with at least one round of game play. As the weeks go by, instruction time will decrease, and game time will increase, so that by week 7, Learners are playing almost 2 hours of games.  it's a great way to learn the sport, build up your skills and curling confidence, and meet new people (and potential new teammates).  Learners will receive a pair of rubber grippers as part of your registration fees.   

Newbie League

A fun league for new curlers coming out of the Learners League and novice curlers with one to three years of experience.

Running alongside the Learners' League, instructors and more experienced curlers will be available to help with tips and tricks, but curlers in the Newbie League will play games with the emphasis on fun, of course! The team format is an open format, which means that you can have a team combination of all men, all women, and/or all genders. Join with a team, or sign up as a solo player, and we'll find a team for you.