Hump Day Huckers

Alternating draws
6:45 and 9:15 pm
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Welcome to Hump Day Huckers 

Come join in on the fun we are having! 

Hump Day Huckers Mixed Curling is a league focused on FUN! 

We are a very social league, which makes our time on and off the ice quite enjoyable.
People of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join in on the fun we are all having.
We offer friendly competition in a great sport with several fun social activities.

Come on out and watch us throw rocks at houses!

League Rules

  • Teams should be of 4 players – 2 women and 2 men, and play should alternate between the women and men. 
    Exceptions to this rule are allowed, see League Executive to discuss 
  • Teams must have at least 3 players to begin play, and at least 2 should be original team players.
    Spares of the same sex as the missing players are to be used, and spares must play either Lead, or Second.
    Spares must be actively registered PMCC Members.
  • If a team is not prepared to start the game within 15 minutes of the league start time, the game is forfeited. 
  • If a game cannot be played on the designated evening, teams are encouraged to (in advance) discuss if they can reschedule the missed game for the make-up / practice time on Saturdays between 1:00 and 3:00 pm.  Alternatively, the cancelling team may forfeit the game.
  • We use a clock timer / buzzer system.
    The clock timer sounds after 100 minutes of play, teams are to finish the end in play, and then play one more end as the final end of the game.
  • On early draw nights, PLEASE be mindful of the clock time, we want to be respectful to the other curlers as we wish for ourselves.
  • League games may end in a tie, playoffs of course will not. 
  • Remember to always have fun!

Past Season's Results

Season Grand Aggregate WinnersPlayoff Winners

2018 - 2019

Team Evdokimenko (Robert Evdokimenko, Grace Swaisland, Gerry Swaisland, Terry Parent, Ron Arnold)

A - Evdokimenko
B - Thomas
C - Fitzgerald

2017 - 2018

Team Perry (Kevin Perry, Elaine Collins, Eric Hagen, Lisa Wood)

A - Perry
B - Bogren
C - Rock Hoppers (Reeves)
2016 - 2017 Team Perry (Kevin Perry, Elaine Collins, Eric Hagen, Lisa Wood
A - Kinnear
B - Sweeping Beauties (Reid)
C - Lowenberger
2015 - 2016 Team Kinnear (Jim Kinnear, Leila Wallace, Al Rhodes, Linsday Rhodes)
A - Enns
B - McLeod
C - Dyk
2014-2015 Team Perry ( Kevin Perry, Elaine Collins, Eric Hagen, Lisa Wood )
2013-2014 Team Perry A-Perry
2012-2013 Team Diggins A-Diggins
2011-2012 Team Perry  
2010-2011 Team Perry A-Roger Enns
B-Steve Birnie
C-James McLeod
2009-2010 Jim Kinnear, Leila Wallace, Dave Gilbert, Mary Dyk  
2008-2009 Teams Roger Enns, John Gable & Jim Kinnear (3 way tie) A-Kevin Perry
B-Steve Birnie
C-James McLeod
2007-2008 Roger Enns A-Roger Enns
B-Dave Diggins
2006-2007 Roger Enns A-Glen Gangnes
B-Ron Arnold
C-John Gable
2005-2006 Glen Gangnes A-Bruce Currie
B-Roger Enns
C-Les Chimko 

Lou Brombale

A-Bruce Currie
B-Steve Whitred