Tuesday Takeouts

7:15 pm to 9:15 pm
Ken Paziuk
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Welcome to Tuesday Takeouts Mixed League

Our league is a great place for beginners and experienced curlers. We try to maintain a balance of good competition and a friendly atmosphere, with a focus on the social culture of curling.

Unlike most leagues, we do not accept pre-set teams -- all teams are set at the beginning of the season by our executive, to maintain a competitive balance and to allow everyone to mix and get to know other curlers. Esco is great for individuals or couples who are interested in curling but don't have a team.

You may win a turkey at Christmas, and we have a fantastic wrap party in the spring. If you are new to curling or have decided to return, we are your league!!

Update: September 2018

Registration is underway for the 2018-19 season. We are looking for curlers of all skill levels, but particularly experienced curlers who would enjoy an opportunity to skip a team. Click here to register, and follow the instructions on that page.

Dates of Note

September 15, 2018: Port Moody Curling Club open house

September 25, 2018: First week of curling

December 4, 2018: Turkey shoot, six ends only

December 18, 2018: Christmas potluck, six ends only

January 8, 2019: Curling resumes after Christmas break

March 12, 2019: Last week of curling

Tuesday Takeouts at Port Moody

Tuesday Takeouts at Port Moody

Past Winners

SeasonGrand Aggregate WinnerPlayoffs (Team)
2017-2018 Gord Murray, Rick Jacobsen, Bob Buchanan, Cindy Martin A-Team Wynes/Swaisland
B-Team Moret
C-Team Hall/Rempel
2016-2017 Jim Jamison, Anne Stewart, Linda Richkum-Chung, Bob Buchanan A-Team Jamison
B-Team Summers
C-Team Franchuk
2015-2016 Dave Halliwell, Mike Goetz, Patty Jamison, Stu Chambers A-Team Jamison
B-Team Ast
C-Team Murray
2014-2015 Brian Ast, Gary McNeil, Donna Low, Ruth Morrison A-Team Ast
B-Team Butorac
C-Team Wallace
2013-2014 Dave Halliwell, Michelle Berner, Jordan Hesse, Craig Hynes A-Team Ast
B-Team McGillivray
C-Team Murray
2012-2013 Team Clare Milaney A-Team Morris
B-Team H Milaney
C-Team Murray
2011-2012 Brian Ast, Julien Methot, Donna Low, Joe Callahan A-Clare Milaney
B-Mike Butorac
2010-2011 Team Brian Ast A-Len Bruce
B-Ken Paziuk
2009-2010 Team Brian Ast A-Ken Paziuk
B-Elden Morris
2008-2009 Team Derek Wilson A-Clare Milaney
B-Brian Ast
2005-2006 Team Clare Milaney A-Graeme Sandilands
B-Brian Harris
C-Gerry Swaisland
2004-2005 Team Clare Milaney A-Chip Hodal
B-Derek Wilson
C-Brian Ast