Tuesday Takeouts

7:15 pm to 9:15 pm
Ken Paziuk
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Welcome to Tuesday Takeouts Mixed League

Our league is a great place for beginners and experienced curlers. We try to maintain a balance of good competition and a friendly atmosphere, with a focus on the social culture of curling.

Unlike most leagues, we do not accept pre-set teams -- all teams are set at the beginning of the season by our executive, to maintain a competitive balance and to allow everyone to mix and get to know other curlers. Esco is great for individuals or couples who are interested in curling but don't have a team.

You may win a turkey at Christmas, and we have a fantastic wrap party in the spring. If you are new to curling or have decided to return, we are your league!!

Update: December 2018


Do you curl in one of the other Port Moody Leagues? Then you can join our spares list and curl for free when we need spares for players who are away. If you're not a regular Port Moody curler, you can join our spares list for just the one-time club fee cost (~$40). We're especially in need of beginner curlers for lead and second positions. If you're interested in joining our spares list, please contact our SpareMaster Anne Girbav at E2jV*sqk}pc$`@yWbGfNrZ6-RA]#[5|N@f`.\mcXnP+^QF9Y7\Ix62y.

Practice ice is available on most Saturdays from 1:00 to 3:00pm. You must book practice ice with the club manager ahead of time; contact Michelle Hunt at E2jV*sqk}pc$`@yWbGfNrZ6-RA\]#[/nY4lYd'n`VuN+i8\%\A_D!o[{= starting on the Monday prior to the Saturday practice time.

Dates of Note

December 18, 2018: Christmas potluck, six ends only

December 25, 2018, January 1, 2019: No curling for Christmas break

January 8, 2019: Curling resumes after Christmas break

March 12, 2019: Last week of curling

Tuesday Takeouts at Port Moody

Tuesday Takeouts at Port Moody

Past Winners

SeasonGrand Aggregate WinnerPlayoffs (Team)
2017-2018 Gord Murray, Rick Jacobsen, Bob Buchanan, Cindy Martin A-Team Wynes/Swaisland
B-Team Moret
C-Team Hall/Rempel
2016-2017 Jim Jamison, Anne Stewart, Linda Richkum-Chung, Bob Buchanan A-Team Jamison
B-Team Summers
C-Team Franchuk
2015-2016 Dave Halliwell, Mike Goetz, Patty Jamison, Stu Chambers A-Team Jamison
B-Team Ast
C-Team Murray
2014-2015 Brian Ast, Gary McNeil, Donna Low, Ruth Morrison A-Team Ast
B-Team Butorac
C-Team Wallace
2013-2014 Dave Halliwell, Michelle Berner, Jordan Hesse, Craig Hynes A-Team Ast
B-Team McGillivray
C-Team Murray
2012-2013 Team Clare Milaney A-Team Morris
B-Team H Milaney
C-Team Murray
2011-2012 Brian Ast, Julien Methot, Donna Low, Joe Callahan A-Clare Milaney
B-Mike Butorac
2010-2011 Team Brian Ast A-Len Bruce
B-Ken Paziuk
2009-2010 Team Brian Ast A-Ken Paziuk
B-Elden Morris
2008-2009 Team Derek Wilson A-Clare Milaney
B-Brian Ast
2005-2006 Team Clare Milaney A-Graeme Sandilands
B-Brian Harris
C-Gerry Swaisland
2004-2005 Team Clare Milaney A-Chip Hodal
B-Derek Wilson
C-Brian Ast