Newbie Spiel

It's the Newbie Spiel to Rule Them All!

12 teams.  6 sheets.  ONE RING.

Only $200 per team or $50/solo traveller.  Teams can be all female, all male, and everyone in between.  Sign up as a team, or sign up as a solo and we'll place you on a team to conquer Sauron and find the Ring. 

Register ASAP and secure your team's spot by paying a $100 deposit to the bar at the Port Moody Curling Club, Monday to Friday evenings, 8pm-10pm.

~ Saturday Dinner included for Adventurers
~ Extra Dinner Tickets $20 per person
~ Bonus points for the best costumes


Send an email to
for more information

Did you know...

The origin of the word 'Bonspiel' is primarily Gaelic.

Since curling is believed to have originated in Scotland, it is likely that "bonspiel" is a modern adaptation of the Scottish Gaelic words "bonn" (coin) and "spéil" (skate) meaning "coin skate" or "cornerstone skate" (archaic definition).

"Spiel" may also have been a Germanic borrowing, meaning "game". In that case, the word may have meant "cornerstone game".