Saturday 9 March 2019

Come out and cheer on your league's representatives

Bar will be open during the day starting at 11AM. Lunch is provided.

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Club Championship Rules

The rules and format this year are TBD. They are likely to be different from previous years due to the increase in the number of leagues.

Generally the rules will be:

Each league will be allowed at least one representative team. 

Teams should be regular teams from the league, selected based on standings in the league they represent.

All-star or "super" teams that select the best players from various teams are inappropriate for this event. All players on a team must be members of the league they represent.

Extra teams to fill out a draw to ensure maximum participation in the event are solely at the discretion of the board. 


Club Championship Results: 2018


League RepresentativesCardGame 1Game 2Game 3Draw to button DistanceStanding
Monday Mens 1 - Turner  7 Pin 
 Monday Mens 2 - Graham  8 51 
Sr Mens 1 - Parsons Ace  16 
 Sr Mens 2 - Wallace 4
Esco 1 -  Murray 2 72 
Esco 2- K Paziuk  5 17  10 
Humpday 1 - Perry 9
Humpday 2 - Bogren 6 68 
Mixers 1 - Kinnear
 Mixers 2 - Zoehner 10  73 


Winner: Team Bogren !