Information You Need to Know

All Adult and Junior members are covered through the Personal Accident Insurance program. 

Drop-in Curlers must pay a separate fee to be covered. Anyone who curls more than three (3) times per season at Port Moody Curling Club must become a Member with the Club, which will be used to verify if a curler has coverage in the event of an accident.  

Broadly speaking, the policy is intended to provide coverage for injury that occurs as a result of participation in the sport of curling only. 

Some key features of the policy include up to $15,000 for Accident Reimbursement Expenses, $5,000 for Dental Costs and $3,000 for Fracture Indemnity. 

All claims are between the curler and the insurance company. 

Curl BC can provide directions. 

Port Moody Curling Club receives this benefit as part of its affiliation with Curl BC and cannot provide any assistance with dealing with claims, other than providing an Accident Report.

More information can be found at
(Policy and Accident Report)

Any questions about the policy should be directed to Melissa Sim at v&86\$]m{u-#*W]#[dw|~sdS`hXk4h5 or Bryce Lewis at v&86\$]m{u-#*Wg+LE/`cX_1G!P^?o'i]#[Yv2tB/JSs_{FmMJp76oSR6Tu3n.KHSrW.